A Cancer Diagnosis Is Scary, But A Childhood Cancer Diagnosis Is Unimaginable.

As Fall approaches, we want to take a moment to recognize that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We hope to bring additional awareness to the “Golden Month,” dedicated to honoring the families fighting against childhood cancer and the ongoing search for a cure.

Please check out the links and references below to learnmore about Childhood Cancer.

Keeping It Local:

Las Vegas has many exceptional organizations, but when it comes to kiddos, one of our favorites is Cure 4 the Kids. Cure 4 the Kids is Nevada’s only tax-exempt pediatric cancer treatment center. Visit cure4thekids.org for more information on their services and how you can help “Keep it Local.”

Learn The Facts:

American Childhood Cancer Organization reports the following:

·        15,000+ children aged 0-19 are diagnosed with cancer each year in the US

·        20% of children in the US with cancer will not survive

·        Every 3 minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer

Also, Childhood Cancer includes but is not limited to the following.

·        Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer)

·        Brain Cancers (and Brain Stem Tumors)

·        Leukemia (Blood Cancer)

·        Lymphoma (Lymphatic System)

Find out more about these facts at acco.org

Symptoms And Being Proactive:

If your child suffers from symptoms for several weeks or from symptoms of an unknown origin, schedule a doctor’s appointment immediately. What signs can you look for? Below is a list of symptoms for you to consider. Always consult your child’s doctor if anything seems out of the ordinary or if you have any cause for concern. Seeking a second opinion on your child’s diagnosis is also an option. Learn more here.

Symptoms of Childhood Cancer:

·        Severe Headaches

·        Persistent Cough

·        Limps

·        Shortness of Breath

·        Recurring Vomiting

·        Limb Swelling

·        Bone Pain

·        Fever

·        Swelling Around Eye

·        Pallor

·        Sweating at Night

·        Weight Loss

·        Abdominal Swelling

·        Unexplained Bruising

·        Fatigue

In addition, imaging tests may be ordered by your pediatrician or child specialists to help in the diagnosis or to check the status of any issues your child may be having. Medical procedures can include the modalities listed:

·        X-Ray

·        MRI

·        PET Scan


SDMI Loves Kids, We Are Committed To Taking The Best Care Of Your Littles

The safety and comfort of your child while in our care is our top priority, and we will do whatever we can to put your family at ease. We offer coloring books and crayons to all of our tiny visitors and Princess and Superhero gowns to wear for most modalities. Although primarily used for our adult patients, if you ask any SDMI team member, we can also provide an eye mask and/or a cake-shaped stress ball.

At SDMI, we take great care of our littlest patients. Checkout the pediatric section of our website, where all descriptions are written to speak to your child. Check it out here.

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