Continued Efforts to Offer Physicians Electronic Access to Images

In the evolving landscape of healthcare, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI)remains at the forefront of technological advancement. Recognizing the rapid decline of CDs as a conventional media source, SDMI is dedicated to enhancing electronic image access for patients and physicians.

Currently, most referring physicians benefit from SDMI's robust physician portal. The SDMI physician portal is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline patient care and collaboration. Through this portal, physicians can effortlessly:

·        View, print, and save reports

·        Access high-quality images

·        Send image access links to specialists and other physicians

·        Track patient status

·        Submit electronic referrals and

·        Schedule patients

SDMI has forged partnerships with PowerShare, Ambra, Stratus, and Medicom to enhance electronic image sharing further. These collaborations integrate some of the most widely-used electronic image-sharing platforms into SDMI's systems.

Due to the multiple image-sharing options, patients no longer need to obtain a CD before visiting a specialist. This streamlines the process and reduces the likelihood of lost or damaged CDs, ensuring that images are readily available when needed.

SDMI portal's image-sharing capabilities extend beyond local boundaries, accommodating the needs of physicians and patients. Physicians can effortlessly share images without-of-state colleagues, a feature that is particularly beneficial for patients seeking specialized care or second opinions from renowned experts across the country. This feature can be initiated by SDMI, the patient, or any physician with access to the portal, making the process highly flexible and user-friendly.

SDMI's ongoing efforts to enhance electronic image access are part of its mission to provide patients and physicians with the best available technology. By continually investing in and upgrading its systems, SDMI ensures it remains a leader in medical imaging and patient care.

For physicians who need access to images or more information about the physician portal, SDMI Physician Support is readily available to assist.

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