Exciting News: Meet Emma, Your New Virtual Assistant at SDMI!

Dear Valued SDMI Patients,

We're thrilled to introduce you to Emma, our brand-new Virtual Reality (VR) assistant! From now on, when you give us a call at SDMI, Emma will be there to lend a helping hand and guide you to the best person who can assist you.

We kindly ask for your patience as we all familiarize ourselves with Emma's capabilities. She's here to make your experience smoother and more efficient, but like any new addition to the team, there might be a learning curve.

Here are a few handy tips and tricks to navigate this new system with ease:

  1. Voice Recognition: Emma responds to voice commands. When you call, simply state whether you're a Patient or calling from a Referring Doctor's Office. Then, let her know why you're reaching out – whether it's to Schedule an Appointment, Get Medical Records, or for Something Else.
  2. Clear Communication: Speak clearly and concisely to help Emma understand your needs accurately.
  3. Email Support: If you encounter any issues while using our new system, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at comments@sdmi-lv.com. We're here to help!

We're committed to providing you with the best possible service and experience at SDMI. Let's embrace this new journey together!

Warm Regards,

The SDMI Team

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