SDMI Announces Acceptance of Culinary Insurance

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI) will now beaccepting Culinary Insurance at all of its offices across the Las Vegas Valley.

Those who utilize their Culinary Insurance within their offices will experience noauthorization requirements but will have to pay a pre-designated co-pay depending on theordered exam. The only exam exempt from the no authorization policy is the ‘Low Dose CTLung Cancer Screening.’

Everyone’s health is of utmost importance, and SDMI is here to help when it comes toanswering any questions and scheduling appointments. Please visit or giveus a call at (702) 732-6000 and they will be happy to get you set up at any of their SDMI offices.

About SDMI:

In 1958, Dr. Leon Steinberg moved to Las Vegas to open Sunrise Hospital’s firstradiology department in Southern Nevada. Through this experience, he saw a need for a morepatient-friendly option for medical imaging and aimed to build such a practice. With Dr. MarkWinkler and his son, Dr. David Steinberg, as his partners, Dr. Leon opened the first SDMI officein 1988. Their standards of excellence in patient care and technology have brought national andinternational recognition. Today, the commitment to deliver top-notch care wrapped around apositive patient experience has never been stronger. With more than 30 years under their belt,the number one priority in this family-owned business is to make sure that every patient istreated like a VIP.

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