SDMI's Call Center is Now Open Saturdays 8am-1pm

Since 1988, SDMI’s goal has been to make imaging services more available and accessible to the citizens of Southern Nevada. Our staff is strong and growing, and we’re branching out to be able to serve even more people across the Las Vegas Valley. To provide additional support, we’ve expanded our scheduling hours to include Saturday. Patients can now reach our call center every Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm PST. This will allow us to provide more comprehensive care and accommodate a greater variety of schedules.

If a patient is trying to reach our call center, here are a few general guidelines that’ll make the experience more pleasant.

  • Monday mornings are our busiest time. For quicker service, try waiting until later in the day, or opt to call us another day of the week, after the call volume has decreased.
  • If a patient is waiting for a referral from their doctor, once received, SDMI will send out an automated message. This will either be a text or a link to schedule their appointment online.
  • If a patient would like, they can still call us to schedule an appointment before we’ve received the referral. Note that we’ll need to know specifically what procedure they’re having done.
  • We are able to take referrals from other radiology sites, as long as we accept the patient’s insurance. It doesn’t need to be an SDMI referral form.
  • If a patient is having a more advanced procedure, like a PET scan or a biopsy, it’ll take us a little longer to reach out to them for scheduling. Advanced procedures require additional data from the referring office and extra steps to ensure authorization from insurance.
  • X-rays were previously done only on a walk-in basis. However, we are now accepting scheduled appointments.
  • Appointments will be offered based on the following criteria:
  • Insurance: If we need to get authorization, the patient will be scheduled at least five days out to give us enough time to receive that authorization.
  • Location: Not all of our locations offer the same procedures. The locations available to our patients are based on the procedure they’re having done. SDMI has several locations across Southern Nevada.
  • Certain procedures can only be performed at certain times of the day.

We know that this might be an overwhelming experience. If you have any questions or concerns about your appointment, please feel free to reach out to our call center and we’ll be happy to assist you!

SDMI doctor working with patient

In addition to our call center, patients can schedule an appointment online through their patient appointment dashboard.

The SDMI Promise

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging is proudly rooted in Las Vegas. We are locally owned and operated, from our facility maintenance team to executive leadership. It started in 1958 when Dr. Leon Steinberg moved to the city to launch Sunrise Hospital’s first radiology department in Southern Nevada. Seeing a need for more patient-centric options for medical imaging, he combined forces with Dr. Mark Winkler and his own son, Dr. David Steinberg, to launch the first SDMI location.

Over the years, we’ve grown to a team of more than 550 radiologists, technologists, and other staff members who are trained to perform more than 2,000 procedures. All of our radiologists are accredited by the American Board of Radiology. They’re also members of the American College of Radiology. Thanks to the standard of care that we’ve held ourselves to ever since SDMI’s inception, we’ve been recognized on a national and international level for our excellent service.

SDMI offers a range of services, including:

  • Women’s imaging: breast MRI, breast ultrasound, fetal MRI, OB ultrasound, pelvic MRI, pelvic ultrasound, stereotactic breast biopsy, and transvaginal ultrasounds.
  • Fluoroscopy.
  • LDCT.
  • X-rays.
  • DEXA scans.
  • 3D mammography.
  • PET-CT scans.
  • Nuclear medicine.
  • Ultrasounds.
  • MRIs.
  • Interventional radiology.
  • Pediatrics: CTs, DEXA scans, enemas, MRIs, MRI arthograms, nuclear medicine, PET scans, ultrasounds, upper GIs, VCUG, and x-rays.

We take pride in our facilities. Patients will find them abundant with natural light, expertly managed, and always spotless. A friendly member of our staff greets visitors with a smile as soon as they walk in the door. At SDMI, every patient is treated like a VIP.

woman getting imaging procedure

Cutting-Edge Technology

First impressions matter, but SDMI takes it further than that. We pride ourselves on using only the latest and greatest in imaging technology. Each year, we invest in acquiring the latest breakthroughs in machinery. For example, in recent years, we’ve installed MRIs that were the first to become available in the state, country, and in the world.

And in 2016, we were one of the first clinics to introduce 3D mammography, also called tomosynthesis, with the GE Senoclair. Two years after that, we launched the latest advancements in 3D mammography with the Senographe Pristina by GE. This technology makes the experience more pleasant for patients. It also provides physicians with unparalleled images without exposing the patient to any additional radiation. This has been one of the biggest advancements in breast healthcare in our lifetime.

We’re committed to excellence in technology and giving our patients the most thorough, accurate results possible. SDMI experiences fewer call-backs and reduced stress and anxiety for our patients.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Ready to plan your visit? SDMI has several locations across the Las Vegas Valley, including Henderson. Schedule your appointment online or reach out to our call center at 702.732.6000 and a Patient Care Coordinator will be happy to assist you. For questions about insurance and costs, medical records, and other inquiries, visit our FAQs page. And to hear more about other patients’ experiences with SDMI in their own words, head to our testimonials page.

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