(Las Vegas, NV) – A 12-year-long collaboration with Canon Medical Research USA, Canon Medical Systems Japan and Southern Nevada outpatient radiology leader Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI) has resulted in the development of 3 PET Scanners, each generation more advanced than the last.The latest product of this partnership is the Canon Cartesion Prime Digital PET/CT and the first one has been installed in the heart of Southern Nevada at SDMI’s Anthem Campus located at: 2850 Siena Heights Henderson NV 89052This premium digital PET/CT scanner was designed to help health care providers deliver more personalized care, features include:

  • Half the Dose – Patients will receive a significantly lower dose of radiopharmaceuticals in comparison to conventional PET/CT Scanners.
  • Half the Scan Time - With patient comfort becoming more and more the focus of healthcare offering half the scan time goes a long way to reducing anxiety.
  • Twice the Image Resolution – The benefits of this new scanner go beyond patient comfort, doctors will see 2x the resolution giving considerably better image quality for diagnoses and treatment planning.

Other patient-centric design aspects include a more comfortable patient bed that adjusts making it easier to enter and exit the machine as well as making it more comfortable during the study.PET/CT scans are utilized to diagnose a variety of illnesses including cancer staging and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s & Dementia. SDMI will be scheduling patients on this new scanner beginning September 2020.

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