(Las Vegas, Nev) Since 2016, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI) has conquered the 108 floors and 1,455 stairs of the Strat Tower and have no plans to stop taking on the annual challenge. SDMI is proud to support Scale the Strat and American Lung Association because every step counts in the fight for healthy lungs and clean air. If you, or someone you know may be at high risk for lung cancer - a low dose CT lung cancer screening (LDCT) at SDMI may be right for you. A study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that lung cancers detected by LDCT are often discovered at an early, more treatable stage. In addition, the study found a 20% reduction in mortality rate when LDCT screening was used. For more information or to see if you would be a good fit, please visit SDMI's LDCT page.Each year Team SDMI’s 10-member team fills up almost instantly when open spots are announced. The members are then joined by family members, friends, as well as others who enjoy fundraising for the climb. This year, #TeamSDMI has put more effort in training together and building on each other for motivation. About half the team are new climbers and the climb veterans have been an amazing resource for preparing. You can watch how Team SDMI prepared on our YouTube page.Scale the Strat is on Sunday, February 23rd About Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Centers:In 1958, Dr. Leon Steinberg came to Las Vegas to help Sunrise Hospital build the first radiology center in Southern Nevada. Through his experience in the hospital setting, he saw a need for a more patient-friendly option for medical imaging and aimed to build such a practice with his son, Dr. David Steinberg, and Dr. Mark Winkler as his partners, Dr. Leon opened the first SDMI office in 1988. Their standards of excellence in patient care and technology have brought national and international recognition from the medical imaging and health care communities. Today, that commitment to deliver top-notch care wrapped around a positive patient experience has never been stronger. With more than 30 years under our belt, our number one priority in this family-owned business is to make sure that we treat every patient like a beloved member of our family.

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