Top 5 Jobs in Radiology you may not know about

Have you been thinking about a career change? Are you trying to decide on a career? What about a job in healthcare while you finish school? There are so many reasons you could be looking. If you want to put your talents to better use, consider a new career in the healthcare industry. Radiology is a unique and rewarding division of healthcare that many overlook. 


The healthcare field is consistently one of the most stable industries. Healthcare employment has continued its steady growth in 2023, with the industry adding 40,000 jobs in April, according to Altarum's April Health Sector Economic Indicators briefs. Historically, healthcare jobs are expected to have consistent growth year after year, as indicated by reliable sources.


With various positions, from entry-level requiring no educational background to highly specialized jobs, the field of Radiology has something for almost anyone. 

In addition, most full-time positions come with appealing benefits. Keep reading to learn about the Top 5 jobs in Outpatient Radiology you may not know exists.  


There is a lot to like about a potential healthcare career. While not everything on this list will universally apply to all jobs in the field, this can serve as a good general starting point for debating the pros and cons of a healthcare career versus others.


While the list below is unique to Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Outpatient Radiology practice in Southern Nevada, many of the described positions are open at radiology centers nationwide. 


1. Engineering (EVS, Landscape, Maintenance)


The engineering department encompasses EVS(environmental services), Landscape, and Maintenance. The required level of experience differs between each of these positions. This department is tasked with keeping the facilities clean and operational. At SDMI, we do quarterly "white glove" checks to ensure our facilities are in tip-top shape. 

2. IT / HIT (Health Information Technology)

IT and HIT have many positions within each department, including Network Admin, Security, PACS Admin, Telephony, System Support, and more. 

3. Marketing / Sales

Marketing and Sales play a vital role within the Radiology space as Account Managers to referring physician offices that send their patients to the practice. The Account Management team is responsible for assisting referring offices in streamlining the process of sending patients to SDMI and facilitating.

4. Compliance

Many laws like HIPAA healthcare practices require a compliance team to dot the I's and cross the T's regarding policies and procedures. 

5. Nurse

Many know that Radiology practices need Techs or Technologists to operate the equipment; however, at full-service outpatient practices like SDMI, nurses are required for special procedures. Nurse oversight is necessary for invasive procedures to monitor vitals, prep and monitor patients pre and post-procedure. 

Honorable Mention

The positions mentioned above are the least known; however, a Radiology practice could never correctly function without the following:

  • Billing / Collections / Medical Coders
  • Accounting
  • HR
  • Call Center / Scheduling
  • Front Desk / Admitting
  • Technologists
  • Radiologists

Take The Next Step

All full-time positions at SDMI include a substantial benefits package, including: 

  • Health, Dental & Vision
  • 401K 
  • FSA
  • Generous PTO plan
  • Paid Holidays

Other perks of working for SDMI

  • Monthly Employee Appreciation Events
  • Solely owned and operated 
  • Local 
  • We like to have fun! 

There's a lot to like about working in Radiology, and if you're seriously considering a move into this field, please visit to see our open positions.

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