We're Here for You

We hear you. And we're here for you.

Our management team reviews all of your online reviews, surveys and comments. It is thanks to that feedback we are able to continue to improve our services throughout the struggles of the pandemic.

Our patients are our priority however can we take a moment to recognize our team? They have worked tirelessly as the pandemic continues to ensure the safety and well-being of you, our patients. They continue to provide exceptional care to each person who walks through the doors. We would not be able to make the confident claims below without each of them.

We understand that this care is not provided without challenges and now more than ever, we want you to know we recognize these challenges. As a company, we have faced increased hold times, delayed appointments and tighter restrictions in our waiting areas to name a few.

We hear your feedback and we are working to be better.

Over the last 3 years, we have implemented and continue to enhance the following:

·        Online Scheduling: Schedule your appointment utilizing on our online scheduling tool, we will text you once we receive your order from your doctor.

·        Patient Portal: Access your report as soon as it is available.

·        Triage Operator: Getting your calls answered faster and transferred to the department that is best equipped to help you.

·        X-Ray Appointments: No longer a walk-in only service, we are happy to schedule your X-Ray.

·        Text/Web Chat: Chat with an SDMI representative from your cell phone anywhere, we understand you are busy too, no need to sit on hold or in front of your computer, use our new texting feature to answer all of your SDMI questions, schedule appointments and more.

·        Patient Prep and Forms available online: The SDMI website offers a lot of information to help you prepare for coming to see us, we encourage you to check our site and avoid those long hold times.

We care about every one of you and we are committed to delivering the exceptional experience you deserve. Should you experience a service failure please ask our front desk to speak to one of our Office Managers or Team Leads so that we can promptly address the issue.

We're in this together, and because of your feedback and understanding, we're confident we can continue to be your trusted and chosen provider.

We wish you a very happy and healthy 2022.

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