Your feedback is extremely valuable to us! SDMI reads each review, comment, and direct message so we can continually improve and provide an exceptional experience for every patient, every visit, every time. However, due to HIPAA guidelines, we cannot respond to your reviews publicly, in-depth like other companies can. What we can do is leave contact information to further address any concerns, if needed. We have also put together a little FAQ to clear up any confusion and provide insight on the most frequent comments we receive.  

  1. Why don’t you respond to reviews?
  2. Due to strict HIPAA guidelines, we are unable to respond publicly to reviews in detail. We will always leave contact information for someone who can assist you and in most cases will send you a private message.
  3. Why is your waiting room so full?
  4. With up to 9 modalities at each of our locations, the patients you see in the waiting room may be booked for a different procedure than your own.
  5. Many patients are accompanied by a friend or family member to their appointment. For safety reasons the friend or family member cannot enter the exam area, so unfortunately they must remain in the waiting room.
  6. Why was my appointment delayed?
  7. SDMI knows that your time is valuable and apologizes for any appointment delays. We extend care and compassion to each patient and at times that may take a little longer than expected.
  8. Why can’t my child come back with me?
  9. We LOVE kids and want them to be safe at all times. Some exams are not suitable for minors to observe and others may expose children to unnecessary radiation. For this reason, we ask that you plan ahead as children cannot come back to the exam room and children under 8 cannot be left unattended in the waiting room.
  10. Why am I given 2 times when scheduling? (The difference between check in time and table time)
  11. Check-in time: this is when you should arrive at our location. Check in time for most exams is 30 minutes prior to your table time and ensures we get you registered and all paperwork processed prior to your exam
  12. Table time: this is your actual appointment time; the time you can expect to be scanned.
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