Marilyn Mattson

I came in on 8/19/22 for a blue leg and foot that had been bothering me from a break that happened in July.  I had already had ultrasounds elsewhere that didn’t show anything and was sent in for other tests that wouldn’t have helped determine the cause.

Thankfully Ashley was my ultrasound tech that day, and saw something wrong.

She went ABOVE AND BEYOND her duties, and found 2 DVTs in my leg, by actually listening to me, and running the ultrasound over the area where the pain was coming from. By doing this, which took no extra time, but was above and beyond what was ordered, she potentially saved my life. Aside from that, she was wonderful and caring and kind, which I have not been blessed with so far in this ordeal. I hope that she can get recognition and praise for this, because I cannot thank her enough for what she did. 

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