Denielle Chong

Marketing Director
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Denielle’s foundation and work ethic was garnered early in life. She grew up with her mom working as personal assistant to Jack LaLanne, the Godfather of physical fitness, if you ask his wife, Elaine, she will tell you that Denielle started working when she was 8 years old. Her early career started out as a small business “jack of all trades” where everything from sales, accounting, collections, shipping and even technical support fell under her umbrella. Fast forward to 2013 when Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging hired her as Marketing Coordinator, it was quickly realized Denielle’s unique skill set could be put to a multitude of uses and she was promoted to Assistant Marketing Director and then to Marketing Director in 2017.

Denielle found her niche working in Marketing where she is given the opportunity to be involved in many aspects of the business from sales and business development to traditional marketing tasks, patient and employee engagement and even operations and implementation of new products and processes.

Reaching back to her roots Denielle has been able to incorporate her long history of event planning and décor experience in to her marketing career. As she continues to grow in her responsibilities at SDMI she has kept her love of physical fitness at the forefront.

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