Denielle Chong

Director of Physician Relations and Strategic Initiatives
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Denielle's journey reflects a foundation rooted in determination and hard work, cultivated from an early age. Growing up with her mother as the personal assistant to Jack LaLanne, the renowned Godfather of physical fitness, Denielle absorbed invaluable lessons in diligence and commitment.

Her career trajectory commenced with a diverse range of responsibilities, embodying the quintessential "jack of all trades" ethos. From sales and accounting to logistics and technical support, Denielle adeptly navigated multifaceted roles, laying the groundwork for her professional evolution.

In 2013, Denielle embarked on a new chapter with Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI), initially assuming the role of Marketing Coordinator. Swift recognition of her exceptional capabilities led to successive promotions, culminating in her appointment as Marketing Director in 2017. Within the realm of marketing, Denielle found her true calling, leveraging her versatile skill set to spearhead diverse initiatives spanning sales, business development, traditional marketing endeavors, and operational enhancements.

Drawing inspiration from her formative experiences in event planning and décor, Denielle seamlessly integrates creativity into her marketing endeavors, infusing campaigns with flair and originality. Despite her professional ascent, she remains grounded in her passion for physical fitness, ensuring that it remains a cornerstone of her life.

In 2024 Denielle took her passion for SDMI and created "Beyond the Image"., where she also took on the role of host for the captivating YouTube show. This innovative program is a journey that offers a profound and revealing glimpse into the inner workings of healthcare. From revered founding partners and esteemed doctors to the unsung heroes like engineering, contact center, and billing professionals, each episode delves into the myriad roles that collectively sculpt the medical industry.

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