Joe Marzigliano

Facilities Manager
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Joe Marzigliano was born and raised in a small town on the east end of Long Island, New York. At a young age developed a curiosity for how things worked and could frequently be found taking apart countless household items from telephones to stereos and small appliances. At the age of 12, he joined his uncle and cousin at construction sites helping clean up scrap wood and materials. Although his love for construction was found in those few summers, he moved on in his early years through restaurant/ catering, butcher shop, Costco meat department and then plumbing.  In 2005, Joe headed west spending a few years in South Padre Island, Texas. He arrived in las Vegas and took a job as a handyman at Las Vegas Handyman putting his years of odd jobs to use. He learned skills like painting, drywall, plumbing, framing, cabinets, windows and remodel. In 2012,Joe joined Team SDMI and he will be the first to tell you it has been the best experience of his life. As Maintenance Manager every day is different, there is always something to do and learn.

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