Rachel Papka

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Rachel considers herself a true Nevadan, living in Northern Nevada at a young age and moving to Las Vegas over 18 years ago.  Her career in Health Information Technology (HIT) began in 2002 , and spent many years involved with Universal Health Services, Inc,  implementing Electronic Medical Records.  She then continued with her oversight of the Health Information Exchange. In 2014 Rachel joined Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging as Director of HIT and in 2018 was promoted to Chief Health Informatics Officer. Rachel spends her day to day observing workflow, gathering staff input and brainstorming new ideas to decrease inefficiencies and streamline processes oversight of the Call Center, Pre-Service Operations and Healthcare Information Technology department.

Rachel has a Masters in Healthcare Administration and Informatics (MHAI) and Bachelors of Science in Business Management (BSBM). She currently serves on the Nevada Tech Impact Board and was a Recipient of a Top Tech Award in 2018.  Personally, Rachel loves fitness and health and helps motivate others as a Beachbody Coach. Family is her number one priority and with the help of her husband and 4 kids she tries to stay grounded and enjoy the sweet moments in life.

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