Tommy Davis

EVS Manager
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Meet Tommy Davis. His journey with SDMI started in October 2001. Currently serving as the EVS Manager, Tommy takes pride in overseeing a dedicated team of 30 employees, ensuring the seamless execution of their operations.

Originally, from Phoenix, Arizona, he made the move to Las Vegas in 1990. With a solid foundation in the Casino Business, he spent 15 years honing his skills and gaining valuable experience that has contributed to his success.

From bike riding to puzzles, the competitiveness of ping-pong and basketball, or the strategic finesse of pool, Tommy enjoys a variety of activities outside the office.  As an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, his enthusiasm for the team knows no bounds. He wears the team colors with pride and never miss a chance to cheer them on.

Tommy is known for his engaging personality and team-oriented mindset. He has a passion for servicing others and strives to create a positive and collaborative work environment.

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