For over 30 years SDMI has been a leader in radiology in Southern Nevada. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic they continue to insist patients have access to the potentially lifesaving procedures they need.One of those procedures is Mammography.An annual screening exam that may detect breast cancer, the most common cancer among women worldwide. The statistics are staggering and after rescheduling Mammography patients for a month SDMI was one of the first in the city to re-open the annual screenings. An important study, especially to the women who’s breast cancer is detected early.SDMI reminds patients that delaying their annual screening mammogram can have consequences. A recent Swedish study tout’s results showing Mammography can decrease the risk of breast cancer death by up to 41% "the current study, observing more than half a million women over many years, leaves us in no doubt that screening has been effective in reducing the risk of death from breast cancer," Aunt Minnie quoted in their recent article discussing the Swedish study. (To read the full study recount click here)As studies continue to prove the efficacy of Mammography SDMI will continue to offer patients access to top of the line equipment. SDMI only offers the GE Pristina throughout their 8 locations. Pristina is the latest in 3D Mammography or Tomosynthesis, to read more about the install of these machines see the blog post here.

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