10 Tips To Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer in women. One in eight women are affected by this disease, and while the search for a cure gets continually closer, there are a few tips that women can do in order to prevent the risks of breast cancer.Find out if there is a family history of breast cancer - Genetics are important. If there is a family linking of breast cancer, their risk rate may be higher.Be 'breast aware' - Self-checks help. Over 90% of tumors are found by women investigating their bodiesIf a lump is found, then go to see your doctor as soon as possible - Prompt treatment can save lives, and prevent a more benign lump from becoming malignant.Women on 50 should get regular screenings - 80% of breast cancer cases occur in women over 50. Age is a key risk factor of cancer and helps to save lives.Breastfeed your babies - While there is not a clear consensus, studies have found a link between lower risk of breast cancer and breastfeeding.Exercise regularly - Half an hour of exercise three time a week can help to reduce risk, and help to reduce estrogen levels.Watch the alcohol intake - Excessive alcohol consumption can help to increase the risk factor of getting breast cancer. Limit drinking to small amounts.Watch your weight - Reducing calorie intake by 30% can lead to an 80%-90% reduction in the risk of breast tumors.Eat less fat - High-fat content in a diet can increase higher risk factors in getting breast cancer.Reduce stress in your life - Relaxing truly can be a lifesaver, as stress can cause a number of linked health problems.Visit Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging's website for more updates and information.

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