3D Mammography in Las Vegas

3D mammography has changed the landscape for women when it comes to getting mammograms. Since its FDA approval in the United States in 2011, 3D mammograms create a three-dimensional image of the breasts from multiple angles via X-ray. Unlike standard traditional mammograms, which requires the imaging machine to move around the breast, 3D mammograms (or breast tomosynthesis) are stationary in order to help to reduce the number of false-positives, call-backs and anxiety from waiting for results.Among the people that could benefit from 3D mammograms are women that have dense breasts. Forty percent of all women have dense breast tissue. When looking at the mammogram of a woman with dense breast tissue, it is very hard to distinguish this tissue from cancer because they both appear white on the image.While still a relatively new technology in the medical industry, the increase in interest for 3D mammography continues to grow and is becoming a new standard in the field of medicine and cancer prevention. At SDMI, we believe that this technology is a game-changer for detecting cancer, and we have standardized on it across our practice. It is available at all seven of our locations .Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging, with its seven locations throughout the Las Vegas valley, is the premier diagnostic, ultrasound and radiology facility in Nevada. With its compassionate staff and expert medical staff, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging provides quality health services to its Las Vegas and Henderson patients. To schedule an appointment, give our offices a call at (702) 732-6000 or visit our site at http://sdmi-lv.com -We at Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging look forward to ensuring that when it comes to Las Vegas medical care, the choice is "ONLY SDMI."

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