Beat The Most Common Back To School Illnesses

Parents are more than excited to send their kids back to school. As relieving as it is to get the kids out of the house again, back to school means sharing close quarters with other kids. This means germs will be spreading like wildfire, and

little girl with cold blowing her nose

your kid will likely get sick as a result. Check out the most common back to school illnesses so you can take the proper healthcare steps.

Common Cold

Just as the name of the illness suggests, kids are going to contract it. The common cold is the most contagious illness that your kids will encounter. The good news is that it’s a very mild illness. Kids will experience symptoms including the sniffles, sore throat and perhaps a cough. Though it can be inconvenient, this symptoms are nothing to worry about.As a parent, be prepared for the inevitable cold entering your home by giving your kids extra vitamin C. Also, encourage them to keep up with hand washing. If your kid does suffer from cold symptoms, be sure to keep track of their temperature. Anything over 100.4 degrees should mean a day off school to rest and get well.


Along with the common cold, comes the flu. This can cause many symptoms that are worse than ones associated with the cold. Kids will feel a fever that usually runs around 101 degrees. If diagnosed with the flu, it’s best to keep your kids home from school until the fever subsides. The flu can also be much more exhausting for your kids to feel. The only way the will get better is to rest and drink fluids.

Pink Eye

Because kids will play on the playground and fail to wash their hands, eye discharge can easily transfer from kid to kid. If your child has yellowish or greenish discharge coming from their eyes, let them stay home from school. You don’t want to start a pink eye epidemic at your child’s school. If your child does contract pink eye, you’ll have to take them to the doctor to get antibiotic eye drops prescribed. The doctor will advise you of the proper time for your kids to return to school.

Strep Throat

This illness can be very unpleasant for your kids to feel. They will get a fever, headache and severe sore throat. It can be hard for them to eat because it hurts to swallow. This illness is also highly contagious. Kids need to stay home when suffering from this illness, not only to get better but also to prevent it from spreading. Take your children to the doctor at the first sign of strep throat. They need to get an antibiotics prescription right away so the illness doesn’t get worse.Here are some quick tips for prevention:

  • Hand washing
  • Healthy eating
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Exercise

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