Breast Cancer Exams Start at Both Home and the Office

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Breast Cancer Awareness Starts At Home

Breast Cancer Awareness Starts At Home[/caption]Breast cancer is a disease that can and has affected the lives of women every single year. While breast cancer is treatable, it is important to know what symptoms and conditions to look for.While mammographies are strongly recommended as a part of a regular check-up process and can only be truly diagnosed by a healthcare professional, examination also begins at home through monthly self-breast exams. Self-breast exams help to identify any changes within the breast tissue and nipple areas.Among the various symptoms in sensation and appearance:Changes in size, shape, or sensitivity of the breast or underarm area (such as tenderness or thickening of skin texture, or a lump - though it is important to remember that all lumps are not necessarily cancerous).Swellings or shrinkages on the breast (notably on only one side that extends past a normal asymmetry of the breasts and is a more recent change).Nipples that are turned inward, inverted or the skin of the breast having become red in color, scaly or swollen.A milky discharge of the nipple (not during a period of breastfeeding).While self-screening is an important preventative measure, regular doctor visits can also help to look for any potential risks before symptoms set in, performing exams and asking about personal and family medical history.Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging is a leading resource for breast exams and mammograms in the Las Vegas valley. To schedule an appointment, give one of our offices a call at (702) 732-6000 for a caring and comprehensive breast examination.

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