Could A Brain Scan Show Alzheimer's?

In the April 2009 issue of the medical journal Radiology, researchers found that a brain scan may be able to detect patients that are going to develop Alzheimer's disease. These findings are a huge step forward for Las Vegas radiology experts and medicine all over the world. Researchers believe that this knowledge could help in developing new medications for Alzheimer’s patients.

What did the brain scans show?

The brain scans of patients with Alzheimer’s showed when the cells have already started dying. All the patients studied had troubles with their memory, but the ones only suffering from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) had major differences in their brain scans. Some MCI patients have visual evidence of cell death on their scans, while others didn’t have any cell damage.These brain scans prove that MCI patients are all different. Some could develop Alzheimer’s within a year, while others may not ever develop the fatal disease. The researchers performed follow-up exams on all the participants a year later. The new scans found that 30 percent of MCI patients were now Alzheimer’s patients.This led researchers to believe that they may have potential clues in determining who is more likely to develop the disease in their life. Currently, more research is necessary in order to fully understand these findings.

las vegas radiology pet scan of normal brain and alzheimers disease brain

How does one prevent Alzheimer’s?

The researchers recommend that people regularly perform cognitive exercises and memory activities to maintain cell production. However, if an MCI patient has already had cell damage, mental exercises will not reverse the effects.Dr. Sanjay Gupta found that even physical exercise may help prevent the cruel disease. This doesn’t mean running marathons and lifting extraordinary weights. Simple, daily exercises like jogging can help fuel the brain.There are also various healthy foods that can stimulate brain cell production, such as:

  • Berries
  • Salmon (or other fish containing docosahexaenoic acid)
  • Red wine
  • Mediterranean food
  • Green, leafy veggies

It’s also important to get regular brain scans from your Las Vegas radiology experts. This may not prevent the disease, but if caught early, medication can be taken to extended the patient’s life expectancy.Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule an appointment with the radiologists Las Vegas trusts at Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging. With top of the line technology and an excellent staff, you can be sure you are in good hands. For more information about Las Vegas radiology locations, contact 702.732.6000.

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