Diagnostic Imaging: Mets third baseman gets MRI

David Wright plays third baseman for the New York Mets. He was drafted by the Mets in 2001 and made his debut playing in 2004. Currently he is benched for an injury.Wright was stopped from playing in the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 27. He had been experiencing pain in his non-throwing shoulder for a few weeks. The pain was caused from a head-first slide during the game against the Milwaukee Brewers on June 12.  Wright was caught on video uncomfortably moving his shoulder after the slide.

wright diagnostic imaging

Wright reports that his shoulder pain became unbearable during the game on June 26. Even just tagging a fellow player caused major discomfort for the third baseman.Wright was sent back to New York to receive an MRI of his shoulder. He feels hopeful that the shoulder pain is nothing serious, seeing as it has been reoccurring for a few weeks without major concern.The MRI revealed that surgery will not be necessary on his shoulder. The best outcome for Wright would be resting, receiving a cortisone injection and taking stronger anti-inflammatory medication. The pain should completely subside after some rest. The injury was luckily not severe.An MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create a detailed picture of your internal organs. The magnetic field temporarily realigns the hydrogen atoms in your body. Radio waves are the result of this realignment, which produces faint signals that are used to form the images.An MRI can be used to detect a variety of different things. Aneurysms, stroke, blockage of blood vessels and tumors are just a few of the things that an MRI can detect. In Wright’s case, the MRI was used to look for any joint abnormalities that may have been caused by the traumatic event.MRI scans are typically safe to get done. A threat may be posed if you contain any traces of metal in your body such as a cochlear implant, a pacemaker, artificial heart valve, a bullet or Metallic joint prostheses. It is imperative to inform your doctor of any kidney or liver problems prior to getting an MRI. The contrast that is injected in your body may complicate your kidney or liver problems further.In order to prepare yourself for an MRI, you need to ensure that you have remove all clothing items that may contain metal. When you are receiving an MRI, you are lying inside a tube with both ends open. Typically, they will play music to drown out the noises of the machine. If you are claustrophobic, tell your doctor and you may be able to get a sedative prior to getting the test done.If you are in need of an MRI, there are multiple Las Vegas radiology locations. Steinberg Diagnostic has a well trained staff and all the top of the line technology. There offer a variety of services ranging from MRIs to Ultrasounds and even mammograms. For more information about services offered at Steinberg Diagnostic Imaging Center, contact 702.732.6000.

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