Get Into the Habit of Checking Your Breasts For Lumps

Did you know that one in three women are too scared to get their breasts checked for cancer? Studies have shown that one in 2,000 women will develop breast cancer by the age of 29. One in 22 will have had breast cancer before they hit 60.According to Professor Reibstein from Exeter University, women should check their breasts once a month, and that by the age of 13, girls should be taught how to check their breasts.Professor Reibstein continued: "Breast checking needs to start young. As a young woman, not only are you becoming conscious of your body, but it's the point in your life when you set up many routines that will last a lifetime."The belief is that more than half of women would do regular checks if they had been conditioned to do so. It is important to remember, however, to keep regular breast checking in perspective, as other researchers have suggested that checking too often can cause extra anxiety for those that are at low risk. While self-checks are an excellent starting point, it is important to remember that not every lump is induced by cancer. This will help to reduce the potential of biopsies in exams.Among the ways to stage an effective self-exam means looking for any changes in the nipple area (such as bleeding, the nipple pulling inward or rashes). Other symptoms include the feeling of the skin puckering, a lump of a thickening that feels different, changes in the breast that are not natural (though it is important to note that not every pair of breasts are perfectly symmetrical). But increased changes in the size of the breast or way that it hangs can be reasons to schedule a doctor check up.This means looking out for changes in the nipple (a pulling inwards, bleeding or rashes), puckering of the skin, a lump or thickening that feels different, any change in the shape of the breast, how it hangs or if one breast becomes larger. The most important factor is that women remain aware of any changes in their breasts.With Breast Cancer Awareness Month having ended in October, maintaining regular care and vigilance all year round is simply smart in keeping breast aware. After all, your health and well being do not depend on a schedule, so being "breast aware" is regular a check up that depends on keeping smart and remaining observant of your body.It's important to check for breast cancer risks, so for that reason, scheduling an appointment with Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging will help to keep your health at the forefront of our may care and health-oriented services. To schedule an appointment, contact us at (702) 732-6000 or by visiting our website at - Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging offers seven locations throughout the Las Vegas and Henderson areas to ensure that when it comes to making a choice for dependable and compassionate healthcare, there is "Only SDMI."

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