Go Gogi for Super Food Benefits

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Goji berries have been around since the age of ancient Chinese medicine, yet many people still don’t seem to know their health benefits. First, let’s begin by explaining what goji berries are.These berries are most commonly found in the dried form, so they appear like red raisins. The goji berry grows on a flower known as the wolfberry.Much research on this fruit has been done over the last few years. One notable study found that consuming its juice for two weeks straight can enhance your quality of sleep, energy levels, digestive system function and mental sharpness. Another study found that its juice can also provide protection from UV rays.Just as many other dark-hued berries have cancer fighting properties, goji berries are no different. A carbohydrate known as polysaccharides found in the berry can stop the growth of both prostate and colon cancers.These berries are also chock full of vitamin C, so they do a killer job at fighting the common cold and keeping your immune system healthy. There is also 15 times the amount of iron in goji berries than in spinach.

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As if these superpowers weren’t cool enough, goji berries also contain a high level of melatonin. This is a powerful antioxidant that helps control weight gain and decreases bad cholesterol. Melatonin also helps regulate the body’s time cues, meaning that it helps us sleep.So, if you haven’t tried these magic berries already, you’ll want to now. They can be found at any specialty store or Asian market. It’ll cost you about $20 for a 500-gram bag.If you haven’t tried them before, be prepared for an aftertaste that has a hint of sweetness with a hint of herb. There are many ways that these berries can be consumed. Some people enjoy them in a bag of trail mix while others may mix them in their smoothies. Truthfully, they can be eaten in whatever way you please.Be sure to exercise caution the first time you try them. As with many fruits, there is the risk of an allergic reaction. Also, the powerful abilities of these berries can be harmful when combined with certain prescription drugs. Talk with your doctor to check that these berries will play nice with your medicines.In addition to consuming these super berries to fight off cancer, consult the expert Las Vegas radiology center. The professionals at Steinberg Diagnostic can perform regular imaging scans to ensure you are free of any illness. In the event you do get diagnosed, they can catch it early enough to effectively treat it. For more information about desert radiology in Las Vegas, contact 702.732.6000.

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