I Like to Move It!


For some of us, motivation to exercise can be hard to come by. It is especially challenging to want to work out when your car’s thermometer reminds you that it’s over 100 degrees outside. But we all know the benefits of exercising can keep us healthy and from too many visits to the doctor. Benefits like weight control, reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, strengthening your bones and muscles, improved mental health and mood, and increasing your chances of living longer are all great reasons to make sure your body keeps moving!

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Here are some tips to exercising without the gym and away from the heat:1. Hike Mt. Charleston or Red Rock CanyonIf you’re like this author, you think it’s too hot to be outdoors in the Las Vegas Summer. But the increased elevation at Mt. Charleston offers anywhere from 20-30 degree drops in temperature from the Valley. And if you start your hike early in the morning, you can be done before that sun shines too strongly. Things to look forward to during these hikes: fresh, clean air and some spectacular views.2. Walk at WorkToo busy juggling work, kids, and in general, the whirlwind of activities of every day life in the fast lane? Here’s a simple and quick solution to getting some exercise: walk at work. Take brisk walks during breaks and lunch. Many of our SDMI Team members take a much needed mental break from their busy day to get 10-15 minutes of exercise, which is helping them to meet their weight loss goals. Kim Hamilton has been walking since June 1st and has lost 17 pounds to date. Kim’s story…As of today I have lost 17 pounds since June 1st. I have been walking for several months, but I am doing this hand in hand with eating a healthy low carb lifestyle. I notice my weight loss is more consistent if I am balanced in both aspects. I usually walk at home at 4:00 am at least 6 times a week for about 45 minutes. During the Spring, Autumn, and Winter I usually walk one, if not both, of my breaks for 15 minutes each. During the summer only the first one if it is not too hot. I try to get in 3-5 miles a day.I have mini goals depending on events coming up…my Ren fair in 8 weeks: 15 pounds, 20 after that for the holiday party, another 20 for my birthday in February. It’s okay if I don’t hit the exact amount as long as I am losing. My overall goal is 125 pounds. Once I reach that goal, I will see how I feel in my skin and either maintain or lose another 20, or so. For now, though, I am focusing on one baby step at a time.3. Go to Stoney’s Rockin’ Country in Town SquareOkay, this is only one suggestion. You might not like boot scootin’ to some music with twang. What we really mean is, go dancing! The venue is up to you. But if you’ve never been and you’re open to learning, Stoney’s offers free line dancing lessons several days a week, and it’s great exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. You can even try your luck on their mechanical bull. Whether you’re kickin’ your heels up on the dance floor or hanging on to the bull for dear life, you’ll be sure to break a sweat and have a great time doing it.The key to long-term success is to do something you enjoy, and keep track of your progress. To borrow the iconic tag line from Nike, “Just Do It,” whatever that it is that gets you up and moving. Good luck, and let us know what your favorite IT is.

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