Mammograms Are A Great Early Detection Tool Against Breast Cancer

Mammograms are a fantastic early detection method that can help to save lives from the effects of breast cancer by being able to detect the symptoms as early as possible. Mammograms have helped women reduce the risk of breast cancer mortality by thirty-five percent in women over the age of 50, and a reduced rate for women under that age demographic (40 is the recommended age for more regular mammograms).Women having regular mammograms also have additional benefits. Mammograms have been successful in finding breast cancers early, meaning that many more women that have to have chemotherapy are able to keep their breasts. When breast cancer is caught early, the cancer localization can be removed far easier without having to resort to breast removal surgery (otherwise known as a mastectomy).Mammograms are a critical and powerful breast cancer detection tool, and a fast and easy procedure that can help to save lives, so regular check-ups can ensure a happier and healthier life.Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging, with its seven locations throughout the Las Vegas valley, is the premier diagnostic, ultrasound and radiology facility in Nevada. With its compassionate staff and expert medical staff, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging provides quality health services to its Las Vegas and Henderson patients. To schedule an appointment, give our offices a call at (702) 732-6000 or visit our site at We at Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging look forward to ensuring that when it comes to Las Vegas medical care, the choice is "ONLY SDMI."

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