MRI is better to detect implant rupture

A study by Dr. Mario Rietjens and colleagues of the European Institute of Oncology, Milan shows that a Magnetic Resonance Imaging is better for detecting a ruptured silicone implant than the use of an ultrasound.An ultrasound is the most convenient method for follow-up screening for women with implant-based reconstruction. The new research revealed that an MRI may have a more definite diagnosis of a ruptured implant than an ultrasound. It is now suggested that plastic surgeons use an MRI before performing another breast surgery.The research compared the results of ultrasound and MRI detections for ruptured silicone implants. 102 women participated in the study. Each woman had undergone breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. Plastic surgeons used silicone gel implants on these women. Most women later underwent a repeat surgery for cosmetic reasons. At the time of their second procedure, no woman had any symptoms of a ruptured implant.Every patient underwent both an ultrasound and an MRI prior to surgery. During the surgery, researchers found that 28 percent of women had a rupture in their implant.The results determined that an MRI was 94 percent accurate in detecting a ruptured implant, whereas the ultrasound was only 72 percent accurate. There was also a much lower false negative rate in the MRI scans. In nine percent of ultrasounds, a false negative was found, compared to only five percent of MRI scans. It was scientifically concluded that the MRI was a better approach in detecting ruptured implants. Though both tests are good for detecting ruptured implants, the MRI is more accurate.After women undergo a mastectomy, they typically get their breasts reconstructed. If the implants rupture, further surgery would be required to fix the problem. A ruptured implant can cau

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se an unpleasant appearance. If a women has to undergo further surgery to correct the problem, there is a higher chance of complications. Women with breast cancer already have to undergo enough surgery and medication that a second breast surgery should be avoided at all costs. Risks of the surgery include hardening around the implant, scarring or severe pain.It is unknown the exact amount of implants that have ruptured over time. It cannot be detected by a physical exam, and sometimes women do not experience symptoms. Dr. Rietjens stated, “Our results show that MRI performs better than ultrasound for diagnosis of breast implant rupture.”If you have undergone breast reconstruction or a breast augmentation, you may be worried about a rupture in your implant. The cosmetic results of the procedures typically only last about 15 years. If you have had your implants for an extended period of time, you may want to consider getting an ultrasound or MRI of your breasts done. The Las Vegas desert radiologists have experience in both. They can help ease your nerves during the process. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact 702.732.6000.

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