No Time To Work Out? We Don't Buy It

man running on a treadmill from radiology las vegas

We all know the basics of staying healthy involve a well-balanced diet and exercise. Ideally, you should be exercising for at least 20 minutes a day, five days a week.We of all people know just how busy one’s life can become. Between maintaining a household, working, school, and the surprises that life throws at us, people believe they don’t have time to schedule in exercise. Well, we just don’t buy it. If the President of the United States has time to get in a daily workout, so do you.Get MotivatedEven those with all the time in the world aren’t going to get moving if they don’t have the motivation to do so. Even when your day is full of chores and work related tasks, if someone were to offer you a free 1-hour massage, you would do anything in your power to move around your schedule to get it. You need to think of exercise in a similar manner.We can talk to you forever about the benefits of exercise like staying in shape, lengthening your life and improving the overall quality of your life, but you have to be the one to prioritize it. Rather than having our words about the benefits go in one ear and out the other, let’s discuss how you can take steps to fit exercise into your so-called busy life.

  • Admit the truth - The first step is always admitting the truth. What is the real reason you aren’t exercising? Are you scared or simply don’t know where to begin?
  • Make a plan - Examine your schedule to determine where you can find just 20 minutes a day for exercise. We’re not talking anything major, just a brisk walk through the park is fine.
  • Find something appealing - The only way you’ll be inclined to stick to it is if you enjoy it. If running sounds too mundane, try something more exhilarating like Zumba.
  • Practice makes perfect - Try this new routine for a couple weeks to see if it really works with your schedule. Adjust if necessary and eventually it will just become a part of your daily life.

Truthfully, it’s not always laziness that prevents us from getting the exercise we need. Some people really don’t have the time to fit 20 minutes of exercise into the day, so they just skip it all together. However, if all you have is 5 minutes at a time, isn’t that better than nothing? Start by making small changes to your life and gradually you’ll have to work other events around the time your dedicate to working out.Though exercise is necessary to stay healthy, it is highly recommended that you undergo annual Las Vegas radiology scans to detect for any possible diseases. Even the healthiest person could develop a fatal disease, but if caught early on, it can be treated effectively. Steinberg Diagnostic provides top of the line imaging technology with a caring staff to take care of you. For more information about radiology in Las Vegas, contact 702.732.6000.

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