November Survey Winner

November Winner

Here is what our awesome November survey winner had to say:"My doctor referred me to [another radiology place] because he said you didn't perform the test I needed. I took his word for it. I went and waited 1.75 hours to be called, while 100 other people came and went. I asked when I would be seen and twice was told that it would be another 15-20 minutes. I finally left. They wanted to reschedule me. I told them I would never come to their facility again. It was like a cattle call.I phoned Steinberg to see if the test really was unavailable. The person I spoke to said that the test had been unavailable for a while when there was a shortage of the medication needed to perform the test...but that you could do it now. I was over the moon! So, I had it done at SDMI.As always, your staff was efficient, polite and courteous, making me feel important and well cared for. All aspects of the procedure were explained to me beforehand. The doctor and tech who assisted in the procedure answered all my questions and were kind and efficient. I couldn't ask for any better treatment. Steinberg is a great experience."Congratulations to Marsha on her $100 winning and thank you for your wonderful comments, our staff was very happy to hear about your experience.If you would like a chance to win a $100 complete our online survey and automatically be entered to win.

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