Placing Inferior Vena Cava Filters

The placing of inferior vena cava filter is a commonly performed outpatient procedure that is used on approximately 8 percent of patients that are hospitalized. In the procedure, a catheter or small tube is inserted below the skin, allowing patients to receive essential medication or nutrients directly into the bloodstream. In addition, blood can be drawn in this manner eliminating the need for repeated needle sticks.This procedure is utilized for more than five million central venous catheter patients in the U.S. that require the usage of central venous access during a hospital stay.Central venous access is instrumental for patients in placing pulmonary artery catheters, hemodialysis catheters and plasmapheresis. This is also used to place inferior vena cava filters, venous interventions as well as introducing wires for transvenous pacing and defibrillator devices. The central venous access site and the manner in which access is achieved depend upon the indication for placement, patient anatomy and other patient-related factors.Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging, with its seven locations throughout the Las Vegas valley, is the premier diagnostic, ultrasound and radiology facility in Nevada. With its compassionate staff and expert medical staff, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging provides quality health services to its Las Vegas and Henderson patients. To schedule an appointment, give our offices a call at (702) 732-6000 or visit our site at We at Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging look forward to ensuring that when it comes to Las Vegas medical care, the choice is "ONLY SDMI."

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