SDMI Launches Their All-New Las Vegas Website

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging is pleased to announce the unveiling of their all new and updated website at - It's easier than ever to find the information that you need in order to get the best quality medical care in the Las Vegas valley.With the redesign of the SDMI website comes a full list of features that are right at our patient's fingertips. Participate more in the patient experience by hearing the stories of those that have been affected by cancer, listening to their patient experiences and meeting the faces through our series of videos.Learn more about all seven of our offices and the surrounding areas that are located throughout Las Vegas and Henderson. We also have all-new comprehensive descriptions of our examinations and procedures that you can learn more about our services and what to expect from our equipment and the process itself.Paying bills and scheduling appointments have never been easier with our convenient online services. Save time filling out paperwork in the waiting room by filling out those forms online and setting up referral information. Returning patients have the options to schedule their next appointment and pay their bills online without the extra hassle of mailing a check.Patients can also learn more about their radiology and medical team online. Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging wants patients to know who their doctors are and build relationships with them and even share those experiences.Visit the new SDMI website today and experience the care and compassion that "Only SDMI" can provide.

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