SDMI’s Dr. Shah inspires excellence in healthcare as esteemed award recipient

Las Vegas, Nevada – For nearly three decades, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Centers (SDMI) has upheld their mission of providing exceptional patient care and bringing cutting edge technology to patients at each of their eight locations throughout Las Vegas and Henderson.  Leading the mammography department at SDMI is Dr. Aanshu Shah, the Director of Women’s Imaging.Through her work and dedication in caring for patients, Dr. Shah received an Inspired Excellence Award at the 6th Annual Las Vegas HEALS (Health, Education, Advocacy, Leadership) Inspired Excellence Awards ceremony this October.  Notably, Dr. Shah will be recognized amidst a long line of honorees since the first awards ceremony, including Dr. David Steinberg himself, CEO of SDMI.Dr. Shah has been caring for patients of the Las Vegas Valley since 2000 when she first joined SDMI’s team of distinguished radiologists, and has since been named the Director of Women’s Imaging.Working closely with Dr. David Steinberg, Dr. Shah was instrumental in bringing Tomosynthesis, or 3D Mammography, to Southern Nevada.  Together they researched the benefits of this latest advancement and chose GE’s technology because of their radiation reducing software, which is safer for patients.Dr. Shah, Chief Mammography Technologist Robyn Bryant, Technical Director Lona Van Boven and then PACS Administrator Dane’lle Southern, traveled across the globe to Milan, Italy to meet with radiologists at a clinical trial site, where they learned the best practices for this exciting new technology.  Other site visits include facilities in Florida and California where the team studied technology and workflow to help determine the best way to implement this cutting edge technology at SDMI.Dr. Shah’s dedication to Tomosynthesis gives her the credibility and recognition of being one of the first radiologists in Nevada to fully understand its capabilities.“I have been so fortunate to witness these tremendous changes in Mammography and I am so excited and proud to help bring this new life-saving technology to women in Las Vegas,” explains Dr. Aanshu Shah.SDMI is a proudly accredited ACR (American College of Radiology) Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, largely due to the high standards Dr. Shah has set.  Every 2 years she meticulously reviews each and every image from SDMI’s eight facilities (upwards of 40 cases) before they are submitted for accreditation.She has mentored and taken under her wing, all of the SDMI Mammography Technologists to ensure they are trained on how to properly position patients getting her the images she needs the first time. She has spent time with SDMI’s most recently hired radiologists on techniques for reading 2D and 3D Mammograms acting as a true role model and solidifying the future of great women’s imaging doctors.“Dr. Shah pushes us to achieve excellence, and although she has high expectations she leads us with a velvet hand. There is a high amount of mutual trust between her and our entire technical staff,” says Robyn Bryant, Chief Mammography Technologist.Dr. Shah has unsurpassed compassion for her patients.“Dr. Shah is an amazing physician. When something was spotted on my mammogram, Dr. Shah was the only one who was willing to go above and beyond to be sure it was nothing serious. She helped set my mind at ease and walked me every step of the way when I had my biopsy. I can honestly say that Dr. Shah was one of the most kind and caring physicians I have EVER come across. She truly loves what she does and cares deeply for the health and wellbeing of her patients,” says SDMI patient, Jessica Smith.Dr. Shah’s commitment to patient care surpasses the walls at SDMI.  She has given countless talks on breast imaging and 3D mammography in conjunction with the American Cancer Society, Susan G Komen, Clark County Medical Alliance and more.  Her willingness to educate patients goes above and beyond as she is always volunteering to participate in any mammography or breast cancer awareness event.  This year Dr. Shah brought hope to over 150 Breast Cancer Survivors and Forever Fighters at an SDMI sponsored luncheon.She has been the spokesperson in several SDMI marketing pieces, including an educational video illustrating the differences between diagnostic and screening mammograms (, created by Dr. Shah herself, to help educate referring doctors.  And she has taken countless hours out of her day to speak with local physicians about SDMI’s capabilities as well as collaborating on cases.Dr. Shah is not only a dedicated radiologist, but an involved parent who has instilled the value of giving back with her own children, through the National Charity League with her daughter who will soon be a medical student herself, and the Young Men’s Service League with her son a high school senior. She is also an advocate of the Nevada Childhood Foundation and active member of the National Consortium of Breast Centers Inc., Clark County Medical Society, and Nevada State Medical Association.To see Dr. Shah and all of the recipients at the awards ceremony click here.

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