Steps to Ensure Breast Cancer Does Not Diminish the Holiday Spirit

Breast cancer is an illness that affects many people. While there is never a convenient time to deal with illness, one of the most difficult times to cope with such a diagnosis is during the holiday season. As the holidays are typically about celebration and time with loved ones, it can be a quite stressful, even when we are at our healthiest. However, learning how to manage the expectations of the season can help patients deal with side effects and guide the focus more towards positive aspects of the holiday.There are several important guidelines to keep in mind when comforting a loved one through breast cancer during the holidays. This can be a distressing time for family members managing cancer symptoms. The patient's family must be educated about their loved one's side effects and the stresses of treatment that makes it hard to enjoy the holiday season. Breast cancer patients benefit from extra attention this time of year so it’s important to tend to both their physical and emotional needs.Ask them how they want to spend the holidays, and support any decisions about what activities they are able to handle for the season. Keep in mind that some holiday traditions might be too taxing on your loved one and they may need to skip out on some activities. Assure them they are under no obligation to join and give them the flexibility to participate to their comfort level. That doesn't mean having a celebration of any kind should be discouraged, but establishing new holiday traditions with friends and family can still provide holiday cheer while supporting a loved one. Talk with the patient's medical team to get guidance on how to support and manage the side effects of breast cancer. This can range from anything such as dietary suggestions for meals and holiday treats to pain management techniques, to a treatment schedule that works more around holiday planning if possible.Remember, it is also important for the caregiver to devote time to their own needs, too. Talk to friends, engage in some physical activity, and spend some alone time with your spouse or loved ones. Keeping a healthy and positive attitude and not neglecting oneself gives the body time to recharge and be present for quality support and care.It remains important to embody the spirits of support and compassion this time of year, and for that reason, the doctors of Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging offer comprehensive care via our seven SDMI locations throughout Las Vegas and Henderson. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (702) 732-6000, or visit our comprehensive site at - No matter what your holiday season brings, you can always rely on the quality care of Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging to provide a professional experience that "Only SDMI" offers.

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