The Importance of Breast Cancer Screenings

Breast cancer screenings are an important step in the process of breast cancer prevention. Early detection helps to improve outcomes as a means to being vigilant for early warning symptoms of the disease so that preventative steps can be taken.The first and most simple of detection methods is the self breast exam. Self exams help to keep aware of more physical symptoms such as lumps, rippling, swelling, discoloration or discharge in the breast or nipple area.The next level of breast cancer screenings are mammographies. Mammographies is a radiography that is used on the breasts: Digital and 3D. While digital mammography has been the standard procedure for this type of breast exam, the 3D mammography has been progressively growing in usage due to it being able to better encompass breast tissue.Other forms of breast cancer screenings are molecular breast imaging, ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging, which also help to diagnose potential cancer growths in patients, and are used as alternative examinations from mammographies, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.When it comes to the best awareness and preventative measures in breast cancer research, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging leads the way in the Las Vegas valley. With 7 locations throughout Las Vegas and Henderson SDMI is able to provide the results that you need. For more information or to schedule an appointment, give SDMI a call at (702) 732-6000, or visit the all-new website at - Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging is here to provide comprehensive, quality, and compassionate care that is "Only SDMI".

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