Toshiba 3T Galan - State of the art MRI machine installed at SDMI (First in the U.S.)

Las Vegas, NV – Steinberg Medical Imaging Centers, has installed the first Toshiba Vantage Galan 3T in the United States in the heart of the Las Vegas valley at their Maryland Parkway Location.“The Vantage Galan 3T is the culmination of 30 years of work on the part of SDMI and Toshiba Medical to build a super advanced MRI” said Dr. Mark Winkler, Founding Partner of Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Centers.SDMI, a leading innovator in healthcare technology in the Las Vegas Valley since 1988, continues to uphold their mission of delivering an exceptional patient experience and accurate results through cutting edge technology.  With the newest generation of technology, the Toshiba 3T Galan provides patients and physicians a better imaging experience with faster results.The newest MRI machine was designed for critical early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of many diseases and injuries.  MRI’s can be used when other types of testing are unable to provide sufficient information in confirming a patient’s diagnosis.  They continue to be the least invasive method of getting detailed pictures of many organs and tissues, particularly in cases of brain, spine and musculoskeletal injury as well as in cancer cases.“When a person enters the medical field they generally do so because they care and want to help others.  When a company is dedicated to cutting edge technology, it shows that they have the same vision,” said MRI Chief Technologist, Rayland Chow, when asked what it means to him to work for a company that offers this high standard of equipment.Additional features:QUIETEST: The Vantage Galan 3T is the quietest MRI on the market. It is specifically designed to reduce noise for the entire exam, increasing patient comfort.WIDEST & SHORTEST BORE: The Bore of an MRI is the opening, or center section, that a patient lies inside while being scanned. With the largest opening of any scanner on the market, this helps patients that are claustrophobic by giving them more space between their face and the top of the machine.FASTER: Compared to older equipment the new Vantage Galan 3T can reduce scan time by up to 40%.“The main benefits of 3T MRI’s are the faster scan times and higher resolution images which helps the radiologist diagnose patients” shares Deanna Clark, Lead MRI Technologist. Video Link: Toshiba 3T Galan - State of the art MRI machine installed at SDMI (First in the U.S.):

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