Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting


Internet: if you offered digital ribbon cuttings, we’d have giant scissors in hand right about now to celebrate our entry into the world of blogging.Friends and valued patients, we welcome you to Steinberg Diagnostic’s brand new blog. We’re excited to offer you content that entertains while informing and we hope that it’s something you’ll choose as a resource for health-related topics, seek out for community-related news, and even casually read during a lull in your day.For over 25 years, Steinberg Diagnostic has been a family of patient-focused and service-oriented healthcare professionals committed to serving the Las Vegas community. You have entrusted us with your care and supported us in our growth. Over this quarter century of care, technology has vastly changed and our services have evolved with it. We’re always looking for better ways to care for and connect with our patients. Sometimes that means purchasing the newest MRI scanner, better mammography equipment, or the latest EMR systems to get results to you and your physician faster.Our latest service for a better connection to our community? This humble blog. We invite you to get to know our SDMI family a little better, learn about our community events, or enjoy a feel-good read when your day needs a pick-me-up. We also definitely value your input. Our goal is to deliver content you enjoy reading, so if you have suggestions for content, don’t be shy. Send them our way!Our first real entry posts today. Hope to see you here again! Have a great day.

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