What Do We Know About E-Cigarettes?

girl smoking cigarette

Many people nowadays are switching to electronic cigarettes in an attempt to be healthier. Well, what do we really even know about e-cigarettes? Some research was done previously that found they aren’t as dangerous as traditional cigarettes. However, a new study from researchers at the University of Southern California found that secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes could actually be very harmful.E-cigarettes are allowed to be smoked indoors most places. The World Health Organization is proposing a ban on this. E-cigarettes should only be allowed in places regular cigarettes are allowed. As a result of the proposed ban, a USC professor decided to research the effects more in depthly.The researchers measures the level of exposure to harmful substances in secondhand smoke. They found that e-cigarettes have an overall 10-fold decrease in harmful particles and nearly no carcinogens. However, e-cigarette smoke does contain chromium, which is a toxic element not found in traditional cigarettes. Also, the level of nickel is almost four times higher than that of traditional cigarettes. Overall, the researchers determined that secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes is less harmful than traditional cigarettes, but the toxic metals are a concern.The study was conducted in offices and rooms to stimulate a real life environment. Volunteers smoked both traditional and e-cigarettes while the researchers took particles sample of the air. They used the most popular European traditional and e-cigarette brands. Researchers believe that uses different brands could vary the results.E-cigarettes are a fairly new piece of technology. Because of their recent popularity, not much research has been done. It’s possible that with better manufacturing standards e-cigarettes will no longer emit any harmful smoke. Further research is necessary for definitive results.As e-cigarettes grow in popularity, calls to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are actually increasing. Apparently, many children under the age of five are eating the devices, which can be extremely harmful.Regardless of better manufacturing or not, policy makers are fighting to get a ban on e-cigarettes. So far both the Chicago City Council and New York banned smoke e-cigarettes in public areas.The only sure fire way to remain healthy is to stop smoking any kind of cigarette. Even though e-cigarettes do not contain tar, they still have nicotine in them. Certain brands may even have more nicotine in them than regular cigarettes.Visit one of the Las Vegas radiology locations to learn more about proper health care. Though e-cigarettes may be the cool trend now, it won’t be when years down the road many are experiencing severe health problems. Don’t let that happen to you. Schedule an appointment with the radiologists Las Vegas trusts at Steinberg Diagnostic to ensure you are in tip top shape. For more information about Las Vegas radiology locations, contact 702.732.6000.

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