Who is ZDogg MD?


It’s Friday, so we think that calls for a little entertainment. Normally, it’s pretty difficult to find anything entertaining about healthcare, but we think we are on to something here…Enter: ZDogg MD. Dr. Zubin DamaniaIf you’ve ever watched an episode of House or House of Cards, you’ve got to check out this parody video below. And if you haven’t seen anything from either series, check out any of ZDogg’s other video parodies.

Funny and informative. Very clever. But who is ZDogg MD? He’s a little like Ken Jeong, the actor who played Asian gangster Leslie Chow in The Hangover trilogy. Except better, we think. What are the similarities? Both are actors, both have filmed their productions in Las Vegas, and both are actually physicians.But I’ll tell you why ZDogg’s cooler in our book. He dares to be different in an industry that doesn’t necessarily welcome Purple Cows. He has put a whole new spin on healthcare with his hip, new practice, Turntable Health, located where else but Downtown Las Vegas? That takes courage, and we admire all those Purple Cows out there who challenge the norms.Turntable Health is “a membership-based primary care and wellness ecosystem focused on everything that keeps you healthy.” They offer a mix of physical and mental health classes, wellness coaching, dental and medical care. Pretty cool, huh?From what we can see, ZDogg is no one-hit wonder, either. Having been covered by big-time media outlets like MSNBC , Time, NPR, and LA Times, and a TEDMED presentation under his belt, we predict a platinum album any day now. But if you still had not heard of him until today, we’re glad to have made the introduction. Steinberg Diagnostic applauds Dr. Damania for rethinking healthcare, a sometimes scary topic and straightforward industry. He’s out to educate and entertain, delivering content to the public that can teach in new and fun ways.If you have a cause you believe in and you want to spread the word on its importance, your greatest chance at success involves making your message both relatable and interesting. ZDogg MD clearly understands that because his passion for great healthcare has plenty of people watching, listening, and learning.

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