Why Women Should Start Strength Training

woman strength training from radiology in las vegas

Ladies, it’s time to woman up and get yourselves into the weight room. As great as yoga and cardio can be, strength training provides added health benefits that’ll only make you feel better overall. Building muscle will further improve the health of your heart and bones. It'll also boost your metabolism. Yet, research finds only 20 percent of American women perform strength exercises. Your trusted Las Vegas radiology professionals have three reasons that are sure to get you into the weight room next time you hit the gym.A Personal Trainer Can HelpOne of the biggest reasons that women avoid the weight room is that they don’t know what they are doing. Of course, ignorance of the machines can lead to injuries and hamper the progress that has already been made. Most gyms offer a training session to learn the basics of the machinery. After learning how to use the machine, a personal trainer can help you more by directing you to the machines best for your workout routine and body.You Won’t Turn Into Arnold SchwarzeneggerWomen are terrified that strength training will give them huge, bulky muscles that will make them appear manly. In order to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you would need to consume extra calories and workout more. One of the biggest factors necessary for bulky muscles is testosterone. This shouldn’t be a problem since women aren’t biologically made to build huge muscles. Sure, there are some big female bodybuilders, but they are taking illegal supplements.The Stronger You Get, The More Calories You BurnIt’s a satisfying feeling to use the elliptical for an hour and see written on the machine that you just burned off 400 calories. Lifting weights doesn’t allow you to know how much you have burned off which leads women to believe they aren't burning off as many calories through strength training. A recent study found that just 15 minutes of strength training can burn off 100 calories. As you do more strength training and build up your muscles, you’ll only burn more in the same amount of time. This is because the muscles are now working more efficiently.As a woman, you’ll be in better shape than ever before in your life by adding strength training to your daily workouts. Now that your body is healthier than ever, you should consult with a radiology specialist about getting your annual imaging scans. Though you can take steps to try and prevent cancer, nothing is certain. Getting your annual imaging scans can ensure the cancer is detected early enough to get treatment. For more information about radiology in Las Vegas, contact Steinberg Diagnostic at 702.732.6000.

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